John Hsieh


Education & Credentials

Temple University, School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, PA


UCI, Irvine, CA


"We try to provide a friendly and professional environment where the patient can feel comfortable. I always educate my patients about their dental treatment as if they were my own family. Every treatment is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our team always makes an effort to follow up on each treatment and ensure the patient's comfort."

Patient Impact

"I feel even in the smallest situations I can make a big impact with a patient, and it doesn't have to be any cosmetics or full mouth reconstruction. I had a patient with a terrible dental phobia that came in last week and we only did one filling and her phobia was lessened. She is now considering coming back for some cosmetic dental work."

Volunteer/Service Experience

Tzu Chi Free Clinic Volunteer dentist

Professional Associations

American Dental Association, California Dental Association