Team Member

Haley J. Harmon


Education & Credentials

San Joaquin Valley College; Ranch Cucamonga, CA


Laser trained


I hope I can make an impact on a patient concerning their periodontal health. I would like to inspire them to change any bad habits, motivate them to begin better ones, and get them interested and involved in their dental health.

Patient Impact

"I had a young man with red swollen infected gums that he believed were so far gone, he gave up on brushing altogether because they hurt too much. At first, he wouldn't even let me touch him, but I gained his trust. I scaled his teeth, he changed his brushing and flossing habits at home, and his gums were restored to health, along with his confidence."

Volunteer Experience

Give Kids A Smile, We Serve

Professional Association

American Dental Hygienists Association, California Dental Hygienists Association