Stephanie Maddox

Office Manager

Personal Biography

Since 2000, Stephanie has been involved with dentistry, with 2 years back office and 9 years front office experience.


"I pride myself in making sure my staff and doctors give all our patients the most outstanding customer service we have to offer."

Personal Favorites

Film: "Grease" & "Transformers", TV Show: "CSI" & "Law & Order" Hobbies: "Soccer, Softball"

Patient Impact

"A patient's mother called and asked for a copy of her daughter's x-rays. She explained that her daughter was in extreme pain and she was going to drive her x-rays to the insurance company to expedite the oral surgery. Turns out the company was based in Irvine, California where I would be in a meeting the next day. While in Irvine I took the girls x-rays and brought them to the company. She was approved for extractions and the daughter had the treatment done by the end of the week. I was happy to help our patient out and help relieve her pain."